What happened when Chelsea played against Burnley?

What occurred between Burnley Football Club and Chelsea Football Club between the hours of 19:45 GMT and (approximately) 21:30 GMT on April 19th, 2018?The two Football Clubs, having shed, alas temporarily, many of their tertiary duties, including merchandising, socialising, appelatising and scandalising, assumed their primary purpose and played a match of football against one another. […]

How to boost your iPhone X battery life

In a rare move, Apple recently admitted it was intentionally slowing down older iPhones after getting a flurrry of complaints. The firm even posted an open apology and is offering cheap iPhone battery replacements to anyone affected until the end of the year.  READ NEXT: Why batteries are the most important technology on the planet  Of course, it wasn’t on par with […]

UE Megablast and Blast speakers are gaining Spotify voice controls

The Ultimate Ears Megablast and Blast speakers will soon offer support for Spotify voice controls, via the built-in Alexa assistant. The Logitech offshoot has announced four new features for the recently-released smart speakers, continuing the tradition of after-purchase improvements. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled speakers are also adding compatibility with Spotify Connect, new speaker grouping options […]

Fitbit Versa hands-on review

WEARABLE GIANT Fitbit unveiled its latest smartwatch, the Versa, late last week, touting some new welcome new features and a completely new design, all with over four days battery life. The new device builds on the success of the Fitbit Ionic which was released late last year, positioned not as a replacement but a cheaper alternative with […]