How To Do The Free Extra Lives Hack

HQ Trivia is the latest mobile game obsession and, yes, it’s even distracting gamers from Pokemon GO. Every day hundreds of thousands (and sometimes over a million) players gather around their mobile devices and attempt to answer 12 trivia questions correctly. Get all 12 correct and you get to split the prize pool (usually $2,000) […]

EEG hardware hack uses blink detection and predictive text for hands-free typing

Hardware is hard at the best of times. But software developer Patrick Morris-Suzuki set himself the ambitious challenge of creating a blink-detecting system for hands-free typing during an overnight hackathon here at TechCrunch Disrupt New York 2017. The hack was inspired by Facebook’s demo at F8 last month, when the company revealed it’s working on building a brain-computer […]

Dead By Daylight Adding 4 Killers for Year 3

Multiplayer survival/slasher title Dead By Daylight has been steadily receiving new content since it officially released, most recently getting its Saw Chapter DLC. The game’s developers have now announced their roadmap of content releases for Year 3 of the game. Behaviour Digital, the team behind Dead By Daylight has been appreciative of fans for making the game […]

Narzędzie Windows Device Recovery Tool zaktualizowane do wersji 3.5.37

Narzędzie Windows Device Recovery Tool, w które powinien zaopatrzyć się każdy posiadacz telefonu z systemem Windows Phone 8.1 oraz Windows 10 Mobile otrzymało aktualizację. Dzięki tej oficjalnej aplikacji od Microsoft możemy w razie problemów z naszymi telefonami przywracać oprogramowanie do stanu początkowego. Po uruchomieniu starszej wersji aplikacja wyszuka dostępną aktualizację i wyświetli powyższy komunikat. Aby […]