Machine Learning: everyone’s talking about it but what is it?

What is machine learning? Machine learning (sometimes called “automatic learning” or “intelligent learning”) is, as the name suggests, about making a machine or system capable of learning on its own. This marks a significant divergence from classical computer programming, which consisted of a human giving an order and the machine executing the order. In machine learning, the machine is able to adapt […]

The Australian ball tampering scandal everyone’s talking about, explained

Here’s what’s happening in Australian cricket. Australian cricket has been rocked with a ball-tampering scandal. A piece of tape has brought down some of the sport’s biggest stars and sent shockwaves so monumental that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was forced to issue a statement. It’s being dubbed “#SandpaperGate,” and here’s how it all came about. […]

Facebook rolls out fake news filter in Germany

Facebook will begin rolling out its fake news filter in Germany, The Financial Times reports, where lawmakers have expressed growing concern over the spread of fabricated news stories and Russian interference ahead of national elections later this year. The social network will begin fact-checking and flagging fake news for users in Germany over the coming […]

Redesigning the TechCrunch app | TechCrunch

Angela Medina Contributor Angela Medina is a product designer who led the redesign of TechCrunch’s mobile apps. She’s now based in New York City. Over the last two years we have been working hard to improve the experience of TechCrunch products for our readers. Our tiny-but-mighty product team launched the brand new TechCrunch mobile app for […]

You will be able to bring cocaine, heroin and marijuana into 2018 World Cup games with proper paperwork

Attendees at this summer’s World Cup in Russia will be allowed to carry drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and heroin into stadiums, providing they have a prescription. Via Newsweek: The Moscow-based Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), a joint economic trade bloc of countries including Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, allows for certain banned narcotic and psychotropic drugs […]