Whatsapp tpk, How To Download Whatsapp From Tizen Store

Whatsapp TPK, Whatsapp Tizen Store, Whatsapp Samsung Tizen, ACL Tizen – WhatsApp is must have app on any mobile device, may it Apple, Android, Windows or our own Tizen OS. Everybody wants it on thier smartphone. The best part is Tizen has its own WhatsApp Messenger app – created by official Facebook developers. It has been in […]

Best unknown Android apps you need to check out

The Google Play Store is full of wonders, but many of its apps remain undiscovered because they’re not eye-catching enough, not PR-friendly enough or just not lucky enough. This list is a tribute to the brilliant but lesser-known Android apps, now including one that turns your phone into a remote control, and a great way to search for movies […]

John Isner and Kevin Anderson are playing a record-setting marathon in the Wimbledon semifinals

Longest. Semifinal. Ever. Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal’s semifinal at Wimbledon will have to wait — John Isner and Kevin Anderson aren’t ready to cede Centre Court. The other half of the major’s final four underwent a record-setting marathon in London Friday, battling back and forth through five sets and a still-running tiebreaker that stretched […]

Arcade fame turns to infamy as Billy Mitchell’s record-setting Donkey Kong score is invalidated – TechCrunch

The record-setting score that settled the Donkey Kong arcade rivalry, made famous by the documentary The King of Kong, has been invalidated by Twin Galaxies, the de facto arbiter of arcade world records. What’s more, Billy Mitchell, the occasionally controversial player who set the scores, has been permanently banned from consideration for future records. It’s […]