SwiftKey Keyboard APK v6.3.6.45 Free Emoji Android Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard Free Emoji APK  Android keyboard apps download form ApkHouse. Latest version Android keyboard SwiftKey Keyboard Free Emoji,SwiftKey Keyboard v6.2.3.82 Final + Mod – one of the best keyboards available for Android, with support for hundreds of super-cute smiley SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the best and most well constructed and beautiful keyboards ever made […]

ai.type keyboard Plus + Emoji vPaid-8.5.7 Hornet for Android Application

ai.type keyboard Plus + Emoji vPaid-8.5.7 Hornet Requirements: Varies with device, Modded Google Play Overview: Now launching a brand new premium version with significantly improved next word prediction capabilities and a refreshing ‘FLAT’ design, ai.type is the smartest Android keyboard with context aware features. ai.type enables next word prediction, completion, correction and spelling and grammar […]

Vote: what platform has the best and worst emoji?

A visualization of how differently one emoji is interpreted. / © GroupLens From Apple’s attempts at realism – seemingly a lazy hangover from its more skeuomorphic days – to Google’s hilariously oddball creations, the emoji we use vary widely in appearance, and thus interpretation, across different platforms. Google’s are almost certain to be taken more humorously, while […]

Microsoft: Shots fired in Emoji War

Microsoft has replaced their water pistol emoji with a handgun and now all hell’s broken loose As part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft has unveiled Project Emoji, a total redesign of the glyphs. But what’s made the changes controversial is the company’s decision to swap a toy gun with a real one. In […]

Samsung’s new app translates emoji into simple phrases to help people with speech disorders

Samsung Italia, the Korean company’s Italy-based team, thinks emoji can help people with aphasia communicate. The neurological disorder affects the language part of people’s brains so they often have difficulty speaking, reading, and writing. It doesn’t affect cognition. That’s why Samsung made an app called Wemogee, which allows people with aphasia to communicate with others […]