Get better selfies with these top apps

Humans are a narcissistic bunch, which explains the numerous historical monuments of people that have been erected in the past. Modern day self-worship is best expressed through selfies, the snapping of one’s own self using the front-facing camera on a smartphone. Here is a list of the best selfie apps we’ve found. Give these a […]

Pokemon GO: How Raid Battles Work

Pokemon GO’s upcoming patch is bringing some massive changes to the way players interact with in-game Gyms. In addition to a complete overhaul of the basic Gym mechanics, the big update is also adding a new feature called Battle Raids. Here is how you can participate in the multiplayer events… Battle Raids are unique Pokemon […]

Gen 1 Pokemon You Still Want to Catch

It’s been over a year since the mobile gaming phenomenon Pokemon GO originally launched with most of the 151 original Pokemon available for players to catch in the game. That’s a long time for players to fill out their first generation Pokedex, but there are still reasons to keep catching some of the gen 1 Pokemon […]

Best Halloween In-Game Events of 2017

The end of October is approaching, which means it’s time to celebrate the spooky, scary holiday in all of our favorite video games. The week leading up to Halloween is full if lots of in-game events and limited items that bring the spirit of the holiday into lots of service-based games. There isn’t enough time […]

Pokemon GO Adds New Raid Bosses With Update

It looks like Niantic has yet again switched up the Pokemon that will be found in Pokemon GO raid battles. With the return of legendary Pokemon Lugia to raids, players can expect to see some other returning Pokemon, as well as the raid debut of third generation electric-type Manectric. Pokemon GO raid battles are categorized into […]