LUDO Blitz! to ulepszona gra planszowa w Chińczyka dla Windows 10 Mobile

GAME TROOPERS, producent takich gier jak Tiny Troopers, Overkill 3, Tiki Taka Soccer czy Imperia Online, udostępnił w ostatnim czasie nową grę o nazwie LUDO Blitz! Zainstalowałem, zagrałem i z czystym sumieniem mogę polecić grę wszystkim miłośnikom gier planszowych. LUDO Blitz! to popularna swego czasu gra planszowa o nazwie Chińczyk lub też Człowieku, nie irytuj […]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Contains Single-Player Campaign, Content from ‘Multiple Eras’

Video game publisher Electronic Arts confirms Star Wars Battlefront contains a single-player campaign, as well as content from “multiple eras” in the film franchise. As many fans of 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront will likely attest, one of the major drawbacks in DICE and Electronic Arts’ science fiction first-person shooter relates to the fact that the […]

Star Citizen Reaches $141 Million in Crowdfunding

Star Citizen, the upcoming space flight simulation game from Cloud Imperium Games, surpassed an unprecedented $141 million in crowdfunding this weekend. If people are at all immersed in the video game world, they are likely familiar with Cloud Imperium Games, Foundry 42, and Behaviour Interactive’s most buzzed about upcoming title: Star Citizen. Marketed under developer and […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 video review

IF YOU’RE TEMPTED by the performance, durability and sumptuous screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but aren’t bothered about its flashy looks and extreme curves, the Galaxy S7 could be the phone for you. With its great screen, stellar battery life and premium design, the Galaxy S7 has proved once again that Samsung is […]