Monster Hunter World PC Release Delayed

The highly anticipated release of Monster Hunter World is quickly approaching, but fans expecting to play on PC rather than console may be waiting for some time yet. This morning Monster Hunter World producer Ryozo Tsujimoto announced that the PC version of the action game is now tentatively scheduled to release this autumn. The PC […]

Monster Hunter World Review

The Monster Hunter series has always been big in Japan, but the franchise has struggled to catch on in the west. Monster Hunter World is Capcom’s attempt to broaden the franchise’s appeal by making it more accessible to newcomers. We’re happy to report that Monster Hunter World succeeds in its goal, and it does so without alienating longtime […]

Devil May Cry Event Start Date Revealed

Capcom has recently updated its Monster Hunter: World event schedule, which lists the start date for the upcoming Devil May Cry event. So it appears it won’t be much longer until players can start dressing up as gaming’s bad boy of demon hunting, Dante. There are two Capcom events on the schedule for Monster Hunter: World. The first one is themed after Mega […]

How to Get Impact and Apothecary Mantles

In Monster Hunter: World, a hunter is only as good as the equipment they carry. The game is chock full of different items and accessories that help boost a player’s abilities when facing off against or trying to capture deadly foes. One of the many equipment categories in Monster Hunter: World are mantles, cloaks that […]