Opera shuts down Max | TechCrunch

Only a few years ago, Opera Max was the rising star in the browser maker’s portfolio. The service offered a system-wide data-saving proxy that funnelled all app data through Opera’s servers to compress images and videos. Now, however, Max is heading for the deadpool. The company, which is now owned by a consortium of Chinese […]

ZTE AXON 7 Mini wkrótce w polskich sklepach

A A Może i ZTE nie jest u nas najpopularniejszą marką smartfonów, ale znalazłoby się kilka osób z nią sympatyzujących. Zapewne ucieszą się one z debiutu na naszym rynku kolejnego modelu chińskiego producenta. Producent poinformował, iż wkrótce (dokładnie takim określeniem się posłużył)  w polskich sklepach dostępny będzie ZTE AXON 7 Mini. Spodziewać powinniśmy się złotej wersji […]

Apple iPad Mini 4 review

2014’s iPad Mini 3 was a perfectly respectable tablet, but unfortunately it just wasn’t the upgrade from the iPad Mini 2 that most people were expecting. Rather than revamping its internals, the only new feature introduced was Apple’s Touch ID sensor and that was your lot. As a result, the Mini 3 seemed pretty poor value by comparison with […]

How to block pop-up adverts on Android

Pop-up ads on mobile are the worst. Here’s how to block them on Android once and for all Two years ago, the creator of pop-up adverts apologised to the world for the monster he had inadvertently created. Fat lot of good it did, with pop-up ads still a fairly consistent annoyance. Nowadays most desktop browsers […]