Overwatch Update Adds 312 League Skins

Blizzard is officially kicking off the first season of the Overwatch League on January 10 with three different matchups between teams comprised of the top players in the world. To commemorate the occasion, Blizzard has released an update for Overwatch today that makes the previously revealed League skins available for all players. Obtaining League skins in Overwatch isn’t as […]

Overwatch Adds Sombra on All Platforms

Overwatch fans logging into the game should all now be able to play as Sombra, the hacking hero with serious sabotage skills and a rather mean machine pistol. Overwatch fans who have been eagerly awaiting for the release of Sombra need not wait any longer, as Blizzard has now officially released the character on all […]

Overwatch Nerfs Mercy’s Ultimate Ability on PTR

Part of what makes Blizzard’s Overwatch so consistently compelling is the developer’s complete lack of fear in making significant changes to the game. Sometimes, those decisions are relatively easy to make and won’t cause any public backlash – when Blizzard significantly reduced Overwatch‘s loot box duplicates, there was never any danger of raising fans’ ire. Yet the […]

Overwatch Director Confirms Symmetra Is on the Autism Spectrum

Many Overwatch heroes’ histories and identities have been fleshed out through comics, like Tracer’s sexuality in the “Reflections” comic and Bastion and Torbjorn’s unlikely friendship in the just-released “Binary” edition. And recently, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed an integral part of another hero’s identity. In response to a fan message, Kaplan confirmed that Symmetra has autism. One Overwatch enthusiast wrote the Blizzard […]