Pokemon GO Adds New Raid Bosses With Update

It looks like Niantic has yet again switched up the Pokemon that will be found in Pokemon GO raid battles. With the return of legendary Pokemon Lugia to raids, players can expect to see some other returning Pokemon, as well as the raid debut of third generation electric-type Manectric. Pokemon GO raid battles are categorized into […]

How to Defeat And Catch Moltres

Following the release of Articuno in Pokemon GO, Niantic is poised to unleash the next legendary bird in the series, Moltres. This Phoenix-like Pokemon will be a strong flying- and fire-type fighter to add to any trainer’s arsenal… Assuming they can take him down. To make sure you’re ready to square off against Moltres in a […]

Watch 3 Player Raid Take Down Mewtwo

Pokemon GO Battle Raids take different numbers of players to complete based on the difficulty level of the Raid and the quality of the pokemon that each trainer brings to the battle. Lots of low level Battle Raids can easily be solo’d or handled by a small group of players, but, in general, a Legendary […]

Legendary Pokémon land and next event

Pokémon Go Update: All the news you need about Pokémon Go for Android and iOS, including the latest Pokémon Go event details and Legendary Pokémon catching information. Plus, we explain recent features like Raid Battles, the new gym system, and everything else that’s new this summer – Shiny Pikachu, anyone? Like Pokémon themselves, Pokémon Go the game […]