Cat S61 hands-on review

The Cat S61 is not your usual smartphone. Built to last with a tough body and IP68 water resistance, it has a thermal imaging camera, an air quality sensor, and even a laser distance measure. It’s for people who need their phone to do way more than take pictures, browse social media, and make calls. […]

How to Fix Err Connection Refused in Chrome

Though google chrome is the most popular web browser, It has some serious problems. Often, It shows error while browsing any website. At this time, You are going to know “How to Fix Err Connection Refused“. It is a very familiar issue. It may come with the following message. Error 102 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED): The server refused […]

Spotify is now available on Android TV

Spotify has released its first app for Android TV, letting subscribers browse their music collection on a big screen. The app is available on the Play Store right now, but requires Android TV 5.0 or above. Spotify says the software works with Android TVs including those built by Philips and Sony, and you can find a full […]

How to Fix ERR NETWORK CHANGED in Chrome

If you are a broadband internet user, You may have to face several hassles. Specially, In windows operating systems, The users are facing some common connection errors like “ERR NETWORK CHANGED”. This problems normally appears in google chrome browser. It comes with a message like “Unable to access the network” along with the error name. […]

Hasselblad 1.21 Firmware Update for X1D and H6D Cameras

Hasselblad is pleased to announce new updates for both the X1D and H6D cameras, including a White Balance Tool, an Interval Timer and Exposure Bracketing, and customisable profiles. Hasselblad Press Release HASSELBLAD FIRMWARE UPDATE 1.21 FOR X1D AND H6D Hasselblad’s 1.21 Firmware Update demonstrates their commitment to technological innovation with new features for the X1D and H6D  With the […]


Every Chrome update fixes known bugs. But, It also can bring new or old issues, If everything doesn’t go through right way. Else, You may have several extensions installed in your browser. It also can create problems. ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID is one of the most common chrome browser problems. In this article, I’ll discuss about some steps that […]