LUDO Blitz! to ulepszona gra planszowa w Chińczyka dla Windows 10 Mobile

GAME TROOPERS, producent takich gier jak Tiny Troopers, Overkill 3, Tiki Taka Soccer czy Imperia Online, udostępnił w ostatnim czasie nową grę o nazwie LUDO Blitz! Zainstalowałem, zagrałem i z czystym sumieniem mogę polecić grę wszystkim miłośnikom gier planszowych. LUDO Blitz! to popularna swego czasu gra planszowa o nazwie Chińczyk lub też Człowieku, nie irytuj […]

Steve Jobs enters the International Photography Hall of fame alongside Annie Leibovitz and Ken Burns

It’s the 50th anniversary of the International Photography Hall of Fame, a museum and foundation in St. Louis, and among the inductees this year are some real whoppers: Annie Leibovitz, Ernst Haas, Ken Burns… and Steve Jobs. Say what you will about the plague of Instagramming millennials descending on the fair field of photography, the […]

Arcade fame turns to infamy as Billy Mitchell’s record-setting Donkey Kong score is invalidated – TechCrunch

The record-setting score that settled the Donkey Kong arcade rivalry, made famous by the documentary The King of Kong, has been invalidated by Twin Galaxies, the de facto arbiter of arcade world records. What’s more, Billy Mitchell, the occasionally controversial player who set the scores, has been permanently banned from consideration for future records. It’s […]

Fortnite Player Falls for Hilarious Trick

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developers may have a point when they say that Fortnite‘s Battle Royale mode blatantly copies their game. However, there are some ways Fortnite stands apart from the many other battle royale games on the market, and that’s thanks to its building mechanics, where players can create structures on the fly for some rather unique gameplay […]