YouTube CEO says 'we're listening' to growing criticisms of complaint system

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki tonight tweeted out a message of thanks to the YouTube community at large, vowing that the company is “listening” to recent feedback from creators, who’ve taken issue with the site’s complaint system. A growing number of popular YouTubers have criticized the company’s way of handling copyright violations and, in turn, the appeals […]

YouTube is back on Amazon’s Echo Show

YouTube has returned to the Amazon Echo Show nearly two months after a Google and Amazon dispute saw the internet search giant pull support for its popular video service from Amazon’s hardware, according to a report from Along with the return of YouTube, Amazon is also expanding video services on the Echo Show as […]

YouTube changes search to combat conspiracy theories

YouTube and conspiracy theories go together like conspiracy theorists and moms’ basements. However, in light of recent events, the company has amended its search algorithms to combat the spread of conspiracy theory videos, according to a Wall Street Journal report. The change comes following allegations it was “prompting” clips spreading misinformation surrounding the recent shooting on […]

No, YouTube’s mobile live streaming is not yet open to all – but it’s very close

YouTube appears to be further opening up mobile live streaming by dropping requirements on subscriber counts in order to gain access to the feature, according to reports out today. Google, however, has disputed claims saying the new functionality is now available to all users, instead stating that only a subset of YouTube’s users have access for the time […]