Sports quiz of the week: World Cup debutants, caps, dogs and Harrys


Who broke a record? Who is going to Russia? And who barked twice?

Three players called Harry started for England against Lithuania on Sunday. Which Harry has the most caps for England?

Harry Hibbs

Harry Bedford

Harry Allen

Harry Kane

Lewis Hamilton’s fourth F1 title is all but in the bag after his victory at the Japanese Grand Prix. Only four other drivers have won four or more titles: Alain Prost, Juan Manuel Fangio, Michael Schumacher and …

Sebastian Vettel

Jackie Stewart

Ayrton Senna

Niki Lauda

Which Spurs player became his country’s most capped footballer ever this week?

Jan Vertonghen

Toby Alderweireld

Hugo Lloris

Son Heung-min

Who accepted a job after taking advice from his dog?

Harry Redknapp

Maria Sharapova

Rafa Nadal

Jupp Heynckes

Gordon Strachan took charge of Scotland for seven games this year. How many of them did they lose?





What tactics did Venezuela coach Rafael Dudamel accuse Paraguayans of using before their World Cup qualifier in Asunción?

That the hotel chef tried to make his players sick with a dodgy lasagne

That taxi drivers drove around their hotel tooting their horns all night

That women were sent to their team hotel to “distract” his players

That their Paraguay Airlines flight was purposefully delayed to disrupt preparations

Which 49-year-old former England player will be turning out for Welsh fourth-tier team Caerau this week if the club can sort out international clearance?

Paul Gascoigne

Paul Ince

Paul Parker

Paul Merson

Iceland have become the country with the smallest population to reach a World Cup. Who are the second smallest country to have played in the finals?



Trinidad and Tobago

Northern Ireland

Why did the English Karate Federation have to spend an unexpected £27,310 this week?

They had to pay compensation after one of their fighters used the crane kick from Karate Kid, which had been trademarked by the film’s director

They had to book new flights to the Junior World Championships after Monarch Airlines went bust

They were fined after they “forgot” to enter a junior team in the Karate World Championships

The world governing body discovered half of their team was from Wales

Since the tournament began in 1930, every World Cup has featured a new team. Which two sides will be making their debuts in 2018? Iceland and …


Saudi Arabia



How did Leicester City striker Ahmed Musa expand his business empire during the international break?

He opened a second petrol station in Nigeria

He graduated from De Montfort with a BA in fine art

He exhibited his new line of women’s dresses at Paris Fashion Week

He earned a place in the Guinness World Records by helping to complete a 1,000,000-piece jigsaw puzzle

According to former Mike Ditka, who played and coached both the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears, what has not existed in the US for the last 100 years?

Space travel


Global warming


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