Sub-Zero DLC Gets Release Date


After finally introducing Mortal Kombat mainstay Sub-Zero into the Injustice 2 roster during E3 2017 last week, Ed Boon has come out and confirmed that the ice-loving character will be coming to the DC brawler in July.

In a new tweet from the Injustice 2 creative director, Boon borrowed a well-known Game of Thrones Winter reference to reveal that Sub-Zero will make his foray into the DC universe on July 11. The popular Mortal Kombat character was initially unveiled as a DLC character back in May alongside two other new characters, Red Hood and Starfire, and will be the first crossover character to be added to the popular DC brawler.

As for what kind of carnage players can expect from Sub-Zero, the Mortal Kombat mainstay brings a fluid set of ice-based skills that enables him to more than hold his own against the roster of DC heroes. With creative ways of outmaneuvering his opponents thanks to his ice powers, as well as the ability to go completely on the offensive when needed, Sub-Zero will be a welcome – and tricky – addition come July.

With Sub-Zero’s upcoming addition to the Injustice 2 roster, two of the three characters introduced in the brawler’s Fighter Pack Season Pass 1 DLC have now been unveiled and Starfire remains the lone DLC fighter still waiting in the wings. Developer NetherRealm Studios have yet to reveal when the curtain will be pulled back on Starfire, but given how Red Hood was added in June and Sub-Zero in July, it is likely that players can expect the character at some point in August.

It was recently revealed that the popular fighting game was May’s top-selling game in the US, and the upcoming addition of Sub-Zero will likely keep Injustice 2‘s recent run of momentum going. As for what NetherRealm Studios have planned following the Fighter Pack Season Pass 1 DLC, the studio have kept relatively quiet in regards to upcoming new content. However, Boon has previously stated that he is open for the addition of Watchmen characters, so perhaps players may get the chance to wreck havoc as Doctor Manhattan and Rorschach at some point in the future.

For now though, the Injustice 2 spotlight is on Sub-Zero and based on what we’ve seen of the character so far, players can expect an icicle-filled time that will be equal parts entertaining and frustrating.

Injustice 2 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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