Summer Games 2017 and Season 6 Competitive Play Logo Revealed?


The last few weeks have seen gamers suggesting that the Summer Games event will be returning to Overwatch in the not too distant future. Now, a new hint in the form of two freshly-discovered sprays has added further fuel to the fire.

Dataminers have combed through the latest PTR build of Overwatch and managed to find two new sprays, the most notable of which is a Summer Games 2017 logo. Fans expecting a big cosmetic overhaul will be slightly disappointed as the datamined Summer Games logo is largely similar to last year’s one, with only a few minor differences separating the two.


The second datamined spray is of the new Competitive Play Season 6 logo, which is quite surprising given that there are still a few weeks left in Season 5 of Competitive Play. The datamined Season 6 spray suggests that Blizzard is already well into its preparations for next season, which will likely kick off in August or September.

As for the actual spray itself, it depicts a traveler overlooking some pyramids, perhaps a reference to the rocket-wielding Pharah and the Egypt-based Temple of Anubis map. Should this indeed be implemented into the next major build of Overwatch, it is likely that this will be the spray awarded to the top 500 players in the next competitive season.


Interestingly, the dataminers revealed on Reddit that the sprays were encrypted on the Overwatch PTR but were stored with an already-known key, thus fans are suggesting this could be a red herring as the logos were essentially left in plain sight. While Blizzard has yet to respond to this new discovery on the PTR, given how Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan had previously said that new events won’t be coming and that the development team intends on refining existing events, these two new sprays are yet another indication that the Summer Games will likely be coming back.

Having initially discovered new profile additions on the PTR suggesting that Lucioball may be returning, eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the name of the current Overwatch PTR build pointed to the Summer Games, as well as the long-awaited introduction of Doomfist.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether the Summer Games (and Doomfist) will be coming to Overwatch in the next major update patch, given how Blizzard has kept quiet on any future plans. But with many new confirmed features, such as a highlights saving feature, coming to the multiplayer shooter soon, fans will still have much to be excited about between now and Competitive Play Season 6, regardless of whether Lucioball or Doomfist make an appearance.

Overwatch is available now on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Reddit

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