Super Mario Cereal with Nintendo Switch Amiibo Support Announced


Kelloggs and Nintendo have confirmed the news that a Super Mario-themed cereal will release as soon as December 11th. A leak from earlier this week showed off the now-confirmed Super Mario Cereal box, but an odd feature of the cereal had some questioning the rumor’s veracity. That feature is amiibo functionality built into every Super Mario Cereal box that works with Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Odyssey players will be able to touch their cereal box to the Nintendo Switch like a normal Amiibo and receive coins or a heart in-game. It’s nothing game-changing but for dedicated Super Mario fans, the Super Mario Cereal box is a collector’s item for the ages.

Nintendo describes the Super Mario Cereal as a “limited-edition” cereal box, which could mean either the box itself or the product as a whole will only be available in limited quality. Either way, those interested in trying the cereal (or the Amiibo functionality) for themselves should schedule some time on December 11 to try and pick the box up. Considering how both the SNES Classic and Nintendo Switch are sold out across the country, don’t be surprised if the Super Mario Cereal sells out too.

Super Mario Cereal with Nintendo Switch Amiibo Support

As for the product itself, the Super Mario Cereal isn’t particularly unique. It’s a mix of star-shaped grain cereal and Mario-themed marshmallows. Marshmallow shapes include Yoshi’s egg, a question mark block, and power-up mushrooms. The cereal also features a “blast of mixed berry flavor in every box.” That doesn’t necessarily really into the Nintendo partnership so much as just sweeten the cereal so kids love it all the more.

The Super Mario Cereal is just one more way for Nintendo to capitalize on the current success of the Nintendo Switch platform and Super Mario Odyssey. Tom Prata, a Nintendo of America VP of Strategic Initiatives, describes the cereal as an opportunity “to bring smiles to people of all ages” and “a fun way to kick off the day.” Hopefully the cereal tastes good, too.

Super Mario Galaxy is available now exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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