Super Mario Odyssey Meets GTA 4


One gaming fan creates a bizarre, yet hilarious video combining elements from Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey reveal trailer with Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 4.

Earlier this week, Nintendo fans were almost assuredly overjoyed to learn that their favorite plumber would be making an appearance on the company’s forthcoming Switch console with the release of his new game Super Mario Odyssey later this year. However, after the game was announced by way of an official trailer, many fans went on to note that one of the strangest segments of footage focused on Mario running and jumping through streets, while also vaulting in between buildings of a real-life metropolis, with the Big N’s mascot also coming into contact with virtual human beings that are almost triple his height.

Bearing that in mind, one curious Super Mario Odyssey fan wondered what it would be like if the spry plumber’s aforementioned acrobatics were based on more realistic physics. In order to find out, the YouTuber known as CrowbCat has put together a video featuring elements from Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey reveal trailer and has ported them into Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 4.

As seen above in the video courtesy of CrowbCat, it’s obvious that the YouTuber had to implement a plethora of mods for Grand Theft Auto 4 in order to make the Super Mario Odyssey parody footage. Thankfully, the work paid off, as Mario can be found in plenty of hilarious situations in Liberty City, as he gets hit by a car, falls off a building, flies a helicopter, visits a strip club, backflips onto his neck a couple of times, and of course, is subjected to some of the saltiest language this side of the Mississippi due to GTA 4 being involved.

Of course, the level similar to New York City in Super Mario Odyssey is just one of the many stages in which fans will be able to explore as the plumber, as the game is going to feature worlds with desert environments, lush forests, and a even a colorful town influenced by Cinco de Mayo imagery. Not to mention, Super Mario Odyssey will also feature landscapes that have been psychedelically designed, with one area featuring scenery based on polygonal and fractal shapes.

As far as Super Mario Odyssey‘s gameplay is concerned, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto has declared that the title was crafted with “core” gamers in mind, so it’s safe to say that it won’t share many similarities with the aforementioned Grand Theft Auto 4 beyond the one stage resembling Liberty City. In the meantime, fans are going to have to wait a mite longer in order to learn more, as the next significant batch of information related to Super Mario Odyssey will likely be saved for E3 2017.

Super Mario Odyssey is set for a release later this year on Nintendo Switch.

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