The 2017 World Series is (finally) here


Tuesday’s Say Hey, Baseball is all about the start of the Fall Classic.

The 2017 World Series was set over the weekend, we had a couple of nights to sleep on that knowledge, and now it’s here. The Astros take on the Dodgers in Los Angeles in Game 1 on Tuesday, with first pitch at 8:08 p.m. ET, and then Dallas Keuchel vs. Clayton Kershaw.

It’s a matchup of two 100-win teams, which is a rarity: it’s the first such World Series since 1970. It used to happen more often when the postseason was just the World Series, but as the 100-win Indians can tell you from recent experience, the expanded October model doesn’t always let things get that far.

If you’re the betting type, the Dodgers are favored over the Astros, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. They won more games, their closer isn’t an occasional question mark, they have home-field advantage, and they took down the defending champion Cubs in five LCS games compared to Houston’s seven-game victory over the Yankees.

This isn’t the first postseason meeting between the Dodgers and Astros, though, it is the first World Series between the two. Los Angeles and Houston met in the NLDS 36 years ago, and Eric Stephen took readers down that particular memory lane. Houston switching to the AL in 2013 has allowed for this oddity of former NL divisional opponents meeting in the Fall Classic.

Coincidentally, that 1981 matchup — which Los Angeles won — resulted in a Yankees-Dodgers World Series: the Astros just defeated New York to get here. Maybe teams should switch around more often so we have more weirdness like this to discuss in future World Series.

Agree or disagree with that side note, it’s time for Game 1. Who ya got?

  • The Dodgers and Astros can both hit. They can both field. They both have managers willing to pull their starting pitchers early to get to the bullpens, and it’s that last point that’s going to decide the World Series, according to Grant Brisbee.
  • Corey Seager is expected to return to the Dodgers for the World Series, following Charlie Culberson’s admirable fill-in job during the NLCS.
  • Eric Stephen has the rest from media day over at True Blue LA.
  • And here are four things to watch for in the 2017 World Series.
  • The Astros’ offense will be the toughest challenge yet for the Dodgers.
  • At the same time, Ben Lindbergh writes that the Dodgers just might be Dallas Keuchel’s kryptonite.
  • Crawfish Boxes has a quick snapshot of the entire series for you to reference.
  • In non-World Series news, here’s Amazin Avenue with an introduction to new Mets’ manager, Mickey Callaway.
  • Callaway, by the way, plans on watching every 2017 Mets game before 2018, so if you don’t have time to read the intro, just know that the man hates himself.
  • Braves players would like Dayton Moore to take over the team, but that’s up to Moore and whichever faction in the current Braves’ front office comes out of the power struggle on top.
  • While the Mets, Red Sox, Nationals, and Tigers got rid of their managers, the Cardinals just appear to be reining theirs in.

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