This is Probably The Sexiest Keyboard EVER Created


Apple makes pretty good keyboards, but I think Microsoft might have well and truly OWNED the iPhone-maker with this one…

Microsoft’s Modern keyboard truly is a thing of beauty. I mean, just look at it.

Not only is it styled impeccably, but it also features a built-in fingerprint scanner and is honed out of aluminum in order to make it as light as possible.

You can run it wired or wirelessly, a massive USP for me, as my iMac keyboard is ALWAYS running out of juice. The keys themselves are sized brilliantly and have excellent travel and a tactile feel.

The keyboard space is, well… kinda dull. I mean, we’re talking about keyboards here, which obviously aren’t the most exciting things in the world.

But they are important, I use mine more than anything else. I type every day, all day, so having a good keyboard is a major part of my working life.

Unfortunately for me, the Modern keyboard will not work with my PC, as it is an iMac, so I’m currently stuck with my standard iMac one. The Modern keyboard will work with all Windows 8 and Windows 10 machines, however.

What I like about this keyboard, besides its overall styling, is the secreted-away fingerprint scanner, which looks just like any other key – it’s the one to the right of the alt-key.

The keyboard, when running wirelessly, is powered by two AAA batteries which will give you two months of battery life. Once these run out you can either stick in a couple of new ones or run it wired.

Given how many batteries I get through, I’d probably go with the latter full time.

The Modern Keyboard is also relatively cheap too; it retails for $130 direct from Microsoft. That makes it cheaper than a lot of premium keyboards it is in direct competition with, so kudos to Microsoft on the pricing front.

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