Tim Cook shares first iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus camera pictures


This is what the iPhone 7 camera can do

The iPhone 7 might look pretty similar to the iPhone 6s before it, but Apple appears to have made a step in every area – and that includes the new handset’s camera. Both the dual-lens iPhone 7 Plus and the standard iPhone 7 now have optical image stabilisation and a larger aperture, and new pictures show exactly what those new features can do.

Earlier this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared out two sets of pictures: one taken with the iPhone 7 Plus, and the other taken with the standard iPhone 7. The new pictures are designed to show the new photography-focused features of the Apple’s handsets, and we’ve put them in a gallery for you, too.

ESPN photographer Landon Nordeman took an iPhone 7 to the US Open, and his pictures reveal the new low-light photography capability of the new iPhone. According to Nordeman: “the autofocus and exposure performed exceedingly well in various lighting conditions – so that even with one hand, he could get the shot.” Sports Illustrated photographer David E Klutho, also took a larger, iPhone 7 Plus to the Titan-Vikings NFL game earlier this week, and his pictures show some of the new features of the larger handset’s dual-lens camera, such as its 2x optical zoom feature.

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