Tottenham Hotspur 5-2 Southampton: Premier League – as it happened


Harry Kane scored a hat-trick to smash all sorts of goalscoring records and end 2017 as the greatest goal-getter in all of Europe’s major leagues as Spurs crushed Southampton

2.36pm GMT

There is a sublime confidence about Spurs sometimes, when they win the ball in their own half and head forward in numbers and at pace, crowd roaring in seeming certainty that a chance will result. Alli and Son were excellent today, and Kane was always on hand to deliver the killer blow. Southampton were spectacularly ill-equipped to deal with them. Still, they worked hard throughout and even scored a couple of Lloris-assisted goals, so it wasn’t all bad. Mostly bad, sure, but not all bad. Anyway, that’s all from me. It’s been awesome. Bye!

2.30pm GMT

Harry Kane has a chuffed chat:

It was hard not to think about the record, going into the game being level. As always I wanted to win the game first and foremost, but I also wanted a goal. To get that goal early on was a great feeling, and I could enjoy the rest of the game.

This year I’d say physically, recovery from games. Making sure I’m ready for each game. Eating right, recovering right, ice baths. It’s a busy period and I feel sharp, I feel at my best. And just getting more experience should make me a better player anyway.

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