UNBOXING: Noontec’s HAMMO Wireless Headphones


I just received two pairs of HAMMO Wireless headphones. What follows is a quick unboxing and my initial impressions

Have you heard of Noontec? I hadn’t until a pair of the company’s headphones turned up on my doorstep. But when I opened the package I was rather impressed by what confronted me.

Firstly because it wasn’t just one pair of headphones; it was actually two: the HAMMO Wireless headphones and the HAMMO Wireless TV headphones. And second, because I now have a Google Pixel 2 XL, I REALLY needed a pair of wireless headphones.

It was this latter point that is most pressing, though, as the USB Type C connector that Google provides for your 3.5mm headphones is utterly rubbish. If you even hold the Pixel XL 2 near a resting body of water, it simply will not work, which means you have no way to listen to music on the go.

This has been driving me nuts for about two weeks now. So, yeah, excellent timing, Noontec.

Noontec HAMMO Wireless Headphones: What’s In The Box?

The packaging the Noontec HAMMO Wireless Headphones is very impressive, indeed. It looks like a premium product from the get-go and this is commendable stuff, especially from a brand I have never heard of.

It’s white, well designed, and contains an array of treats, including a smart-looking, ultra-tough carry box for the headphones themselves, as well as wire for connecting it to your phone when you’re out of juice.

The Noontec HAMMO Wireless Headphones are designed to be used as wireless headphones, however, so the wire’s inclusion is definitely a nice touch, as there is nothing worse than being on a long flight and your wireless headphones crapping out halfway through.

Noontec HAMMO Wireless Headphones: Set-Up & Connecting To Your Phone

This aspect was super-easy. Simply turn the Noontec HAMMO Wireless Headphones on and go into your phone’s Bluetooth settings. Once you see the Noontec HAMMO Wireless Headphones in there, hit connect, and, BOOM, you’re done.

The entire process took less than 20 seconds. NFC is also supported if that’s more your bag.

Once you’re set up you can start listening to music or whatever you want to do. The HAMMO Wireless Headphones also support HD calls and aptX audio for HD audio, if you have a subscription to something like TIDAL.

Call quality is excellent too, I’ve made a couple since unboxing it this AM and was very impressed by the overall quality on both ends – my friend actually thought I was talking on my phone, which is always a good thing when you’re talking about wireless headphone call quality.

HAMMO Wireless Headphones: Sound Quality

I’ve only just unboxed the HAMMO Wireless Headphones, so it is way too early to make a call about the overall sound quality. However, I have been blasting the new Converge album through them all morning and it sounds pretty darn good.

The high and mid-range spectrum is definitely more prominent over the bass and this means the sound is highly detailed. You can hear every nuance in the new Converge album, for instance, and there is A LOT of intricate guitar work going on there. Bass is there, but it feels like more of an accompaniment than anything else. This kind of suits me down to the ground, as it suits my preferred style of music. You might be different, though.

As I said, it’s well too early to make a call on the sound quality just yet, as this is simply an unboxing and initial impressions piece. I’ll go into way more detail inside my full review, which would be going live next week.

I will say this though: I am very impressed by the HAMMO Wireless Headphones. They look great, sound great, and pack in plenty of battery performance – up to 50 hours.

And the best thing of all? The HAMMO Wireless Headphones retail for just $149.95 in the US, which is WELL BELOW the normal price point for a pair of headphones of this quality.

I’ll be back with a review of the HAMMO Wireless Headphones next week, so stay tuned for that.

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