Verizon 5G Coming To 18 US Cities In 2018

Richard Goodwin

30/11/2017 – 3:53pm

Verizon has confirmed that it will be rolling out 5G services in 18 US cities in 2018

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5G is the next big leap forwards with mobile data speeds. Work is now well underway to get the technology rolled out in the US, UK, and parts of Asia.

Verizon, however, is keen on leading the push in the US and has now confirmed that it will release 5G services in 18 cities during 2018, starting with Sacramento, California.

Details are pretty scant at present, though we know it won’t be TRUE 5G – that’s still a ways off. It shouldn’t be too long, however, and this new service, which is more like LTE++, should be pretty impressive nevertheless.

These new services will use radio signals, rather than copper or fibre cables, to provide users with seriously quick upload and download speeds. To date, there has been no mention of how much all this will cost, however – I’m expecting it to be pricey at first.

Verizon did most of its testing in Sacramento earlier on in 2017, so it makes sense that this would be one of the first places to get it. The other cities confirmed for Verizon 5G are as follows: Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Bernardsville, Brockton, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, Sacramento, Seattle, and Washington, DC.

“This is a landmark announcement for customers and investors who have been waiting for the 5G future to become a reality,” said Hans Vestberg, Verizon president of Global Networks and Chief Technology Officer.

“We appreciate our strong ecosystem partners for their passion and technological support in helping us drive forward with 5G industry standards, for both fixed and mobile applications. The targeted initial launches we are announcing today will provide a strong framework for accelerating 5G’s future deployment on the global standards.”

But it’s not just mobile users that will benefit; no, Verizon is also targeting residential users with its nascent 5G network, and this could really shake things up in many parts of the US, bringing some much-needed competition to areas with exceeding limited choices.

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