Watch 3 Player Raid Take Down Mewtwo


Pokemon GO Battle Raids take different numbers of players to complete based on the difficulty level of the Raid and the quality of the pokemon that each trainer brings to the battle. Lots of low level Battle Raids can easily be solo’d or handled by a small group of players, but, in general, a Legendary Raid requires at least 7 people most of the time. This trio of Pokemon GO players decided to roll the dice, in an EX Battle Raid no less, and take on Mewtwo without any additional help.

EX Battle Raids are particularly important because they don’t happen daily and they are invite only. The possibility of wasting an invite by not grouping up with enough people to complete the Raid is a terrifying prospect for most players. That’s certainly not the case for this group of level 40 trainers, though.

Here’s a look at the battle, which the three players make look far, far easier than it really is…

Not only do the three players manage to easily take down Mewtwo, with about 20 seconds left on the clock, but they also do it with 18 unique Pokemon. And did we mention the snow weather boost?

Unfortunately, not everyone in the group managed to catch the Legendary, despite some very impressive throws. The player who missed out on the catch seemed to be in good spirits and said that the mediocre IV of this Mewtwo helped make the run away sting a lot less.

Have you received an EX invite and had a chance to catch a Mewtwo yet? Either way, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select region on Android and iOS devices.

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