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Today, Bungie launched Destiny 2’s latest Raid Lair, titled Spire of Stars. As of this writing, several raid teams are on the final boss of the shorter, raid encounter but no team has conquered the entire thing.

Some players, however, have begun exploring the earlier parts of Spire of Stars to see if there are any secrets to unlock. And as is typical fashion for a Destiny or Destiny 2 raid, there is at least one secret chest for players to find.

The first known secret chest in Spire of Stars is in the platforming section of the raid lair, which has the team ascending a bunch of horizontally-spinning “fan blades.” Normally players are supposed to toggle the blades on to complete the platforming section, but if they venture off the beaten path they will find a chest tucked over to the side on a stationary blade.

Here is a better look at where to find the Spire of Stars chest, courtesy of Cheese Forever:

Based on watching the current runs of Spire of Stars it seems the new Destiny 2 raid lair is going to require as many bonus ways to level up as possible. The recommended power level for the raid lair is 370 and the final boss is at power level 380, so players are going to need a lot of damage to complete the entire encounter.

In the past, that would have been no problem, but Bungie has slowed the leveling up process in Destiny 2 with the launch of Warmind. Now, players have a finite amount of ways to increase their power level above the soft cap of 340, namely weekly milestones, existing raids, and the new Escalation Protocol event.

Secret chests in raids like this one are going to be a lot more useful than they have been in the past, since the engrams can scale with a player’s power level. So those Destiny 2 players out there that might not be ready to finish Spire of Stars can still jump into the raid lair and collect a few earlier chests to raise their power level.

Destiny 2: Warmind is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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