Windows 10 Anniversary Update: 11 things you need to know


MICROSOFT RELEASED Windows 10 Anniversary Update earlier this week, just days after Windows 10 became a fully-fledged, paid-for upgrade. Well, sort of. 

Given the scale of Microsoft’s rollout, it might not automatically show up on your machine straight away. If you’re eager to get on it, we’d encourage you to manually check for yourself. To do this go to Start > Settings > Update & security > Windows Update, from here click ‘Check for updates’. With a bit of luck, this should force the Anniversary Update.

What follows is a selection of new features that we particularly like about the update. You can also check out our full Windows 10 Anniversary Update review. 

Redesigned Start menu

Windows 10 Anniversary Update - Start menu
We feel a bit like we’re repeating ourselves here with talk of a redesigned Start menu. First, it famously disappeared from Windows 8, only to reappear to tremendous fanfare with Windows 10. Since then it has been nipped and tucked as Windows 10 has evolved until we arrive at the point we’re at today.

In previous builds, it required two clicks to reveal all of your apps. This ‘All apps’ option is now redundant, and the Start menu now shows a full list of installed applications in alphabetical order.

It still borrows the ‘Most used’ and adds a list of ‘Recently added’ apps to a maximum of three. Typing into the Start menu to perform a search still works how you’d expect.

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