Zero Dawn Inspires a Beautiful Fan-Made LEGO Scene


With more than 3.4 million copies sold so far, it’s safe to say that Guerrilla Games’ open world action-adventure release, Horizon: Zero Dawn, can be considered a success as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. With this being the case, many folks who haven’t even gotten their hands on the title will surely have at least heard of it, and the avid LEGO builder and Flickr user known as Marcel V. is one of these people.

As seen in the image below from Marcel V., the LEGO builder made a gorgeous block-based recreation of the Newcastle Tyne Bridge that can be found in Horizon: Zero Dawn, with the protagonist Aloy running along the walkway with her futuristic bow in hand toward a Watcher creature. Interestingly enough, although the LEGO creation is fantastic to say the least, the Flickr user went so far as to admit that it was his friend Markus who spurred him on to make the scene, for even though he’s “not into these kind of games,” he says, “I always enjoy the outstanding artwork.”

Without a doubt, Marcel V.’s work inspired by Horizon: Zero Dawn will prompt many fans of the open world title to petition Guerrilla Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and LEGO to work together in order to create an official LEGO set for the title. After all, one can only imagine how gorgeous a Thunderjaw – that is, one of the game’s most imposing robotic creatures – would look when created by a sanctioned LEGO block set.

While fans wait for an actual Horizon: Zero Dawn LEGO set to come to fruition, Guerrilla Games is still hard at work preparing the title for its first piece of expansion content known as The Frozen Wilds DLC. Of course, with Marcel V. having taken inspiration from the base game, saying that the title is “just beautiful,” it’s possible that the LEGO aficionado will find another muse within the forthcoming add-on as well.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is available now for PlayStation 4.

Source: Flickr

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