100% LEGIT iPhone Wallpapers You Can Be Proud of…


There are millions of iPhone wallpapers out there, and a multitude of places to look for them – on the web, or via applications to name just two source.

However, with the arrival of the iPhone X, things have become a little trickier thanks to its massive 18:9 aspect ratio AMOLED display, which means that in order to look their best, wallpapers have to be specially optimised for it.

Another aspect of this is Apple gradually phasing out classic iOS wallpapers, so although you can get tons of amazing third-party designs for various iPhones, including the iPhone X, finding these original, Apple-made iPhone wallpapers isn’t always easy.

Thankfully, graphic designer and Twitter personality @AR72014 has gone to the effort of optimising a collection of 45 original Apple wallpapers for the iPhone X display.

Best iPhone Backgrounds & Wallpapers 

You can head over to iDB to download the wallpapers on your iPhone X at full resolution. If you want them to be brighter and punchier, to make even more use of the OLED’s natural colour aptitude, be sure to hit “edit” when you save them and turn on “auto enhance”.

@AR72014 offers the wallpapers for free, but if you want to donate to support his work, you can find him on Paypal.

iPhone Wallpapers HD Download

iPhone Wallpaper Tumblr

There are plenty of other sources where you can find HD iPhone wallpapers, though.

One of my favourites is Tumblr; there are zillions of potential iPhone wallpaper options on there.

All you have to do to find this is simply go to Tumblr, search, find one you like, download it, and install it on your iPhone.

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