17 valentines for the sports fan in your life

You’ll either cringe at these or go ‘awww.’

Happy Valentine’s Day, internet! It’s that special day where you’re supposed to show people you care about them by spending money on flowers, chocolate, and cheesy cards. Those are all tired, so why not surprise the sports-loving person in your life with one of these special, and personal sentiments that come from the heart.

1. Tell someone special how you feel about them with an equally special moment from this season.

2. Your potential valentine might need some convincing …

3. But if you’re willing to go to great lengths to win their love, it might work!

4. Whether that’s with gimmicks such as singing their favorite song …

5. Or with grand gestures from their favorite movie …

6. Or even just keepin it .

7. Hey you. Tell that someone special they are your other half.

8. Don’t be shy about it.

9. There’s nothing to lose (except if your dignity if you keep using the term “shoot your shot” in 2018).

10. It’s never too late to find a valentine.

11. It won’t be hard if you leave your comfort zone.

12. You never know; someone might reciprocate.

13. Now go! Be the rom-com movie star you wish to see.

14. Have a little faith.

15. Enjoy the ride.

16. And you might find exactly what you’re looking for.

17. If not, then there’s always this to fall back on.

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