3 multiplayer games for Chromecast to liven up any party

It’s a nice evening, the table is set and your friends are coming over. What could be better than enjoying a nice evening with good company? There’s just one small problem: you have no entertainment. Music is out of the question because your speakers are blown out and nobody wants to go out on a freezing winter night. You could watch a film, but then you risk lulling your friends to sleep. Now you’re starting to run out of ideas. So why not take advantage of Chromecast for fun games that involve everyone (or at least anyone with a smartphone)?


RISK: Global Domination

Hasbro, a manufacturer of children’s games and many board games, has released a digital version of Risk on the Play Store. It’s visually very attractive and is beautifully crafted for smartphones. You can play alone against the computer, with other friends on your smartphone, and online against your friends and other random players.

The rules are the same as they’ve always been, but the application has introduced interesting new features such as alternative maps and the option of playing on your home TV with devices such as Chromecast or an Android TV. Your friends just have to download the app and join and every smartphone can function as a controller.

Just Dance Now
Install on Google Play

There are plenty of games out there that take advantage of Chromecast, but these are the ones we liked most. Do you know any other games that utilize a big screen for entertaining friends? Let us know in the comments!

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