Cover Athlete And Trailer Revealed for Upcoming Hockey Game

Sports fans get to look forward to the unveiling of a new athlete for the cover of their favorite sports games every year, and last night hockey aficionados had their chance to witness the unveiling of the cover athlete for NHL 18. During the 2017 NHL Awards it was revealed that Edmonton Oilers’ Connor McDavid would be claiming the cover this year, which many hockey fans will agree is an appropriate choice for the spot.

The 20-year-old captain has remained one of the most outstanding players in the league since his rookie debut last year, racking up 100 points in 82 games this past season, so his place on the cover of an NHL title seemed like an inevitability. Whether or not fans expected to see McDavid grace the cover so soon is up for discussion, but there’s little question that he’s a great choice for NHL 18 and EA Sports.

Electronic Arts also released a new gameplay trailer highlighting what appears to be the theme of the game – that being the highly-skilled youth present in the NHL nowadays.

Showcasing noteworthy rookie players like Patrick Liane and Auston Matthews, the trailer does a great job at bringing the young talent currently making waves in the NHL into focus. McDavid on the cover only cements this mentality, as the young Canadian is a standout example of the calibre of youthful skill in the league today.

With that said, the game looks to continue building upon the successful design of NHL 17, which was a significant bounce back for the series when compared to the lackluster NHL 16. With a number of new developments in the hockey world taking place, namely the expansion of the league into Las Vegas via the Golden Knights, there are sure to be a handful of changes that fans of the National Hockey League will be looking forward to in NHL 18.

NHL 18 arrives for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 15, 2017.

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