DayZ Releasing on Xbox Game Preview This Year

Development of DayZ, the perpetually-in-Early-Access open world survival zombie shooter, continues moving forward. While answering questions on Twitter, the DayZ development team confirmed that the game is still planned for console release. However, the game will first land on Xbox Game Preview before making the jump any further.

According to the tweet from DayZ‘s official development Twitter account, DayZ will drop on Xbox Game Preview later this year. While that’s quite a ways out, it’s not a bad wait considering a console port wasn’t even announced yet. PlayStation 4 players looking forward to DayZ have a longer wait ahead of them. There’s no official release window, but a PS4 port is on the agenda.

There may be hope yet for PlayStation 4 players, though. In a previous tweet the dev team noted that, while the Xbox One version of DayZ was “100%” going to launch in 2018, the PS4 version will launch eventually, “just maybe not this year.” A potential 2018 release on PS4 is better than nothing.

Since its debut, DayZ has found a comfortable home in Early Access on Steam, so launching on Xbox One via the console’s Game Preview program isn’t too far of a jump. There’s no need to rush the game into a 1.0 version. With PlayStation 4, it’s not so simple. While a PS4 release could come sooner, Sony’s platform does not yet have an early access program like Microsoft. And since DayZ is still a work in progress, it would be hard to justify charging gamers without them first knowing that they are purchasing something that is in ongoing development.

With DayZ possibly managing to launch on PlayStation 4 in 2018, two options are possible. Either DayZ could reach that 1.0 version by the end of the year, avoiding Early Access on PS4 entirely. Or Sony is going to carry through on those rumors about launching its own Early Access service. At that point, launching on PS4 would be a much easier shift for DayZ.

For now, DayZ development continues to move forward step by step. The huge .63 update and beta launch are still planned for release in 2018.

DayZ is available now on PC via Early Access on Steam.

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