Destiny 2 Clarion Call Double XP Event May Be Bugged

Although the first Clarion Call event was supposed to give Destiny 2 players double XP throughout this weekend, some are reporting the boost is broken. Initially, the double XP was working as advertised but suddenly the increased progression disappeared without any rhyme or reason.

It’s not a widespread issue in the Destiny 2 community yet, but there are some players reporting the Clarion Call is not working for them. Some say that the double XP turns off once they complete a Milestone, while others think it is tied to redeeming a Powerful Gear reward. Whatever the case may be, this event was supposed to get players back into the Destiny 2 experience but for some players it is reminding them why they left in the first place.

When players fire up Destiny 2 they will see a new Milestone for the Clarion Call event. Upon completion players will earn a Bright Engram, but they may not want to redeem the reward just yet. As we mentioned, it’s unconfirmed but it seems some players are seeing a loss in the double XP once they collect their Bright Engram.

Similarly, others are speculating that the double XP loss comes from completing any Milestone, be it a Nightfall Strike or a Flashpoint. Once players redeem their Powerful Gear reward the buff disappears. So far Bungie has not confirmed if there is an issue, but we want players to be aware of any problems they could run into during the Clarion Call.

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For those that are not familiar with the Clarion Call, the event is meant to give players increased XP gains seemingly in an effort to unlock more Bright Engrams. Since Season 2 of Destiny 2 is right around the corner, Bungie is offering players a chance to earn as many of the cosmetic items as they can before the Eververse inventory is replaced with new items.

This first Clarion Call puts the focus on clans and rewards players with that double XP as long as they are playing with another clan member. Bungie promises that not all Clarion Call events will work this way, but this first one wants to encourage players to join a clan and play with their clanmates. There are other incentives to join a clan as well, including weekly engram rewards from the Leviathan Raid and some unique bonuses as the clan levels up.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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