Destiny 2 Removes Faction Rally Farming and Adds Lost Sector Lockout

Destiny 2 has removed the Faction Rally token exploit/farming method that allows players to open Lost Sector chests in rapid succession. Developer Bungie made the change alongside the launch of the latest Faction Rally so that players will focus on the true spirit of the event rather than mindless grinding.

Specifically, the hotfix has introduced a new Lost Sector chest lockout for Destiny 2 that prevents players from opening more than two chests in a row. If a player should open two Lost Sector chests within 10 minutes of each other they will not receive any rewards from Lost Sector chests for the next 10 minutes.

Clearly, Bungie was frustrated with the Lost Sector chest farming seen in the last Faction Rally, but this reaction is unlikely to go over well with players. For starters, it limits players that want to complete Lost Sectors like normal since those activities typically only take a few minutes (at most) to complete.

destiny 2 lost sector chest lockout

Additionally, there is the concern that Bungie is continuously trying to limit players’ farming abilities because it doesn’t fall in line with the developer’s goals. For most players, the reason these farming routes are so popular is that the system is flawed, and in the case of Faction Rally there are still some areas that need work. To start, giving players a random number of Faction Rally tokens for specific events is not a good system.

Whether or not this change will have far-reaching effects on the Destiny 2 community is unclear at this point, but it is a sour note for Bungie when the studio is trying to build as much goodwill as it can get. This past week has been filled with promises to improve the rewards system, gunplay, and more, but here Bungie is taking something away. Would it have been so bad to leave the farming method in?

Moreover, it might have been better for Bungie to take a look at why Destiny 2 players are favoring the farming method before making any changes. Perhaps other aspects of the Faction Rally need addressing first.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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