Devil May Cry Event Start Date Revealed

Capcom has recently updated its Monster Hunter: World event schedule, which lists the start date for the upcoming Devil May Cry event. So it appears it won’t be much longer until players can start dressing up as gaming’s bad boy of demon hunting, Dante.

There are two Capcom events on the schedule for Monster Hunter: World. The first one is themed after Mega Man, and is live now. The second will take inspiration from Devil May Cry, and starts a little later on April 27. Players can expect a new event quest called “Code: Red”, and taking part in it will net them Dante’s alpha armor and sword. While his weapon is made to look like the thunder sword Alastor, it’s merely a switch axe in disguise. A special gesture will also be added that incorporates Dante’s signature guns, Ebony & Ivory.

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In other Monster Hunter: World affairs, the Spring Blossom Festival is currently running, and is the game’s first seasonal event. It brings with it an opportunity to play previous event quests, some new emotes, and Spring-themed decor to the Gathering Hall with a flowery makeover. The NPCs are getting in on the action with adorable themed costumes, and Hunter handlers can be decked out as bumble bees. Players can also acquire Spring Blossom Festival tickets in order to craft new gear. The event will run until the end of next week, April 19th.

After the Mega Man and Devil May Cry events, Monster Hunter: World players can look forward to another piece of crossover content that features Street Fighter alum Chun-Li. While the previous Street Fighter content added a Ryu armor set, along with Hadoken and Shoryuken gestures, the new one will add a Chun-Li costume for the Handler. There’s no word yet on when this content will be released, but it will likely hit once all the previous events have come and gone.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. A PC release is planned for late 2018.

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