Eagles parade live stream: How to watch Philadelphia’s Super Bowl celebration online

Can’t be in Philly Thursday? You can still watch the celebration online.

Thursday’s Eagles celebration parade will feature two million fans, a throng of screaming school children, and a whole bunch of free beer. But if you can’t be there in person to watch the Lombardi Trophy weave its way to City Hall and the Philadelphia Art Museum, there are plenty of ways to watch from home.

NBC and the NFL Network are teaming up to bring coverage of the two-hour event live from eastern Pennsylvania. If you’re stuck at work looking for a live stream of the parade,, as well as the Eagles’ Twitter or Facebook pages, will all provide video.

The parade will give fans a chance to shower appreciation on the top-seeded team that won all three of its playoff games as an underdog this winter. Nick Foles, the backup quarterback who nearly retired this offseason, rose to the occasion, throwing for 373 yards and three touchdowns while catching a fourth to lead his team to victory in one of the highest-scoring Super Bowls of all time.

While he’ll be a popular figure atop the buses that carry his team through downtown Philadelphia, he won’t be the only player to get shouted out by fans. The Eagles had six players singled out for their 2017 performances with Pro Bowl bids, including Carson Wentz — the MVP candidate quarterback Foles replaced due to injury late in the season. Standouts and long-time Eagles like Fletcher Cox and Zach Ertz will have the chance to revel in the adulation of a fanbase that’s never seen a Super Bowl win.

Philadelphia’s last NFL championship came in 1960 — seven years before the first Super Bowl was played and in a 13 team league. Fifty-eight years later, it’s standing atop the biggest sport in America on a throne built from the discarded bones of 31 other teams. On Thursday, Eagles fans will have the chance to see the team all together one last time before the offseason ramps up, new players arrive via the draft and free agency, and practices begin again in five months.

Here’s the full route, if you’re in the eastern Pennsylvania and want to see fans climb some light posts in person:

What time is the Eagles’ victory parade, and how can I watch?

  • Date: February 8, 2018
  • Time: 11 a.m. ET
  • Location: Downtown Philadelphia
  • TV: NFL Network, NBC10 (Local)
  • Online Streaming:, as well as the Eagles’ Twitter or Facebook pages, NBC10, NBC Sports Philadelphia

Eagles fans celebrating after the Super Bowl

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