Fallout 4 Replica Alien Blaster Revealed

Fallout series veterans will undoubtedly remember the alien blaster, a rare alien weapon that can be found in multiple games from the property. While the in-game variant can only be found if a player stumbles upon a downed UFO, gamers hoping to get their post-war mitts on the alien prize can now pre-order a replica straight from Project Triforce. The company is producing a line of the alien blasters as they appear in Fallout 4, and the recreations certainly do the weapon justice. More importantly, they’ll be shipping in early 2018.

The replica produced by Project Triforce is full-scale, meaning gamers will be holding an item manufactured to the same size it appears in the game. For those who haven’t witnessed the alien blaster in action, it’s a sight worth seeing, and we’ve compiled a handy guide on how where to find the weapon in Fallout 4. The weapon delivers powerful blasts, though each shot consumes a rare alien blaster round in the process. The weapon can be modified to consume fusion cells instead, allowing a much more renewable resource to feed one of the game’s most powerful weapons.

Fallout 4 Alien Blaster Replica

Project Triforce is no stranger to producing props from popular videogames, and their line of products extends to many bigger-sized fish than the alien blaster. Gamers have been able to acquire everything from Gears of War Hammerburst replicas to Geth pulse rifles from Mass Effect 3, almost making it surprising that the alien blaster is the first Fallout 4 item to appear in the company’s collection.

The product will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2018, and gamers interested in grabbing one of Fallout‘s most powerful weapons can lock in their order for $400 (with $100 being used as a deposit). The replica weighs about 8 pounds in total, sporting a 15″ length and featuring functional LEDs to mimic the in-game light output of the actual weapon. In short, this is a pretty serious replica, and we imagine hardcore Fallout 4 fans will want to put on their shelves right beside a functional Pip-Boy.

Source: Project Triforce

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