Fortnite Dev Ending Support for Paragon

About a week ago, Epic Games owned up to the fact that its focus had shifted away from Paragon to instead provide better support to the sandbox survival title Fortnite‘s popular Battle Royale mode. Now, Epic Games has stepped forward with some more bad news for fans of the free-to-play MOBA, as the company is set to end support for Paragon, with the game’s servers going completely offline on April 26, 2018.

The Fortnite publisher and developer thanked fans for playing Paragon and offered its apologies in a post on the multiplayer online battle arena title’s official website, with Epic Games stating that “there isn’t a clear path” for the company to make Paragon into “a MOBA that retains enough players to be sustainable.” In an effort to make amends with the MOBA’s players, Epic Games also stated it will be offering full refunds “to every Paragon player for every purchase on any platform.” To request a refund, follow the steps from Epic below:

  1. If you’re not playing on PC, link your Epic account (create one if necessary).
  2. If you play on PC, or have already linked your Epic account, you can request your refund here.

Although it is surely disappointing for Paragon‘s most ardent fans to learn that the game is shutting down, there’s still a silver lining to this situation, as Epic Games will at least give players a few more months of play time until the servers go offline for good. However, it’s important to note that “matchmaking times and quality will further degrade” for fans “as the player population continues to decrease.”

Epic Games first launched Paragon in March 2016 as an Early Access title on PC and PlayStation 4, but the company had never offered a specific window for the game’s full release, which makes it doubly disappointing for fans that the MOBA never made it beyond the beta phase. With this being the case, the game’s remaining fans will hopefully be able to find another MOBA to transition into before Paragon is no more. While they’re somewhat dissimilar from Paragon, there’s always titles like League of Legends and DOTA 2.

Epic Games will shut down Paragon‘s servers on April 26, 2018 to presumably keep its focus on Fortnite.

Source: Epic Games

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