Fortnite Mobile Earned 5 Times PUBG Mobile’s Revenue During First Week – Game Rant

It’s no small secret that Fortnite has overtaken Player Unknown’s Battleground’s (PUBG) in terms of widespread success, but what may be a bit more surprising is just how much of a gap exists between the mobile versions of the two titles.

In fact, Fortnite Mobile managed to bring in $3.7 million USD in revenue during its first week being monetized, approximately five times the $700,000 USD that PUBG Mobile has made since it began monetizing a week ago.

This is no small feat for Fortnite’s mobile port. During the first week of being publicly launched, Fortnite’s install base sat at 3.7 million players, meaning the game’s publisher, Epic Games, has essentially earned a dollar for every player that installed their free-to-play game.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile had been installed by 22 million people when they began monetizing, this translates to a little over 3 cents for each person that downloaded the game, which is also free-to-play.

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There’s a wide range of possible reasons for this gap in revenue, but one of the largest is the fact that Fortnite saves progress between various platforms. This means that players purchasing skins and emotes will be able to use them if and when they play on their home console or PC, something PUBG doesn’t do.

It also helps that players can purchase specific cosmetic items in Fortnite’s marketplace compared to PUBG‘s randomized loot box system that often produces duplicate items. Finally, Fortnite‘s marketplace changes every day, giving a feeling of urgency to players that are tempted to make impulse buys.

Regardless of which game players prefer, it’s hard to deny the battle for the crown has been an interesting one. PUBG popularized the battle royale genre for the masses, but so far Fortnite has been much better at capitalizing on the market. In a short period of time, both games have become phenomenal successes, with players praising PUBG for its graphical fidelity and realistic weaponry and Fortnite for its satisfying gunplay and faster action.

It’ll be interesting to see if Fortnite will maintain its lead over PUBG in the future, but you can bet this won’t be the last that we hear of either title.

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