Fortnite Player Finds Secret Lair Housing Nukes Under Map – Game Rant

Season 4 of Fortnite, which just released today, is already igniting conspiracy theories about the fate of the map. After Season 3’s highly-anticipated conclusion brought about the end of Dusty Depot, players are left wondering just what catastrophe awaits them next.

Today, YouTuber LJC (among others) found a hidden lair with what appeared to be a nuclear warhead inside, leading some to believe the evil counterparts to the superheroes of Season 4 are preparing to decimate the entire map.

The Fortnite video chronicles the player’s ascent to the map, from which they enter the hillside lair and find a couple of cars in the garage near the entry. The base of the nuclear warhead is seen in the first room, which the player examines for a moment before moving on to collect some pretty substantial loot.

The fairly intricate complex is decked out with machinery, from advanced computer systems and TVs to vending machines and washing machines. As far as secret lairs ago, this one wouldn’t make for a bad place to camp out for a while, complete with a fully-furnished bedroom and bathroom.

At the peak of the lair, which overlooks Snobby Shores, the tip of the massive missile can be found. The sighting is one of many interesting details uncovered within the last day (you can check out the patch notes here), and surely won’t be the last. However, the sight of a nuclear-tipped missile hiding in a lair is always cause for concern.

The Fortnite community on Reddit is in a tizzy over the new developments, formulating theories about how Season 4 will come to a close and what theme will take over in Season 5. Of the more interesting theories was one from Reddit user HomChkn, where Season 5 would emulate nuclear-themed movies from the 50s and 60s, with players mutated by the nuclear impact.

On the other hand, the “super villain” lair isn’t the only discovery causing a stir today. Players are also reporting various secret areas decorated to look like superhero lairs, in contrast to the apparent supervillain lairs being discovered across the map. To note, there is also an underground bunker sporting everything one might need to survive a nuclear blast. Whatever’s to come, it would appear Epic Games is gearing up for an epic conclusion to Season 4.

Fortnite is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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