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Whether it’s a Corpser, a Brumak, or any one of the franchise’s enemy types, the Gears of War series undoubtedly has no shortage of uniquely designed baddies and monsters that manage to pack a powerful punch in combat. While this is already the case, it looks as if The Coalition has decided to expand upon the preexisting stable of formidable foes even further by adding a new melee-heavy enemy for players to face in Gears 5.

As seen in the tweet below from the official Gears of War Twitter account, Gears 5 fans can get a gander at the sequel’s new enemy called the Warden. Per the attached visual and its description as a “heavily armored” foe that “wields two deadly crystalized axes”, it’s safe to say that players won’t want to let this creature get anywhere close to them in combat. And while the weaponry definitely looks menacing, it’s interesting that they would be detailed as “axes” instead of “maces”, as they clearly appear to be more like the latter.

As Gears 5 fans ought to expect, the forthcoming sequel for PC and Xbox One won’t only be bringing new enemies like the Warden into the fold, but also some fresh characters, and armaments. A couple of weeks ago, as a matter of fact, The Coalition officially revealed the new personality “Fahz Chutani”, who happens to be equipped with a brand new variant of the Lancer weapon in Gears 5.

Taking all of this into consideration, it will be interesting to see what else The Coalition has in store for Gears 5 as the days, weeks, and months press on toward its release at some point next year, for many fans are wondering how the studio will make the fifth numbered installment stand out above previous titles in the series. A couple of other differences, as previously described by Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg, involve significant changes for the game being its inclusion of a “different color palette”and a “much bigger, bolder world” with open world elements. So, by all of these accounts, Gears 5 could wind up being the most unique entry yet.

Gears 5 is currently set to release at some point in 2019 for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Gears of War – Twitter

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