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When developer Sony Santa Monica first announced the difficulty settings for God of War, they wanted to make sure players knew its hardest setting, ‘Give Me God of War’, would pose a real challenge. Some felt the hardest level was too much of a risk, as it cannot be lowered at any point during the story, while others welcomed the extra challenge it posed. And a select few felt that ‘Give Me God of War’ was not challenging enough.

This weekend, noted challenge runner Faraaz Khan beat the main campaign of God of War on the ‘Give Me God of War’ difficulty at level 1. Faraaz did use new armor to boost Kratos’ stats, but he kept the character at level 1 for the entirety of the adventure.

Essentially, this meant that Kratos could get “one shot” (killed in one hit) by almost every enemy in the game. It forced Faraaz to play carefully and consider every move he made, since any wrong choice could prove fatal. It took several days, but on Sunday Faraaz Khan was able to beat the game at level 1 on the hardest difficulty.

To get some perspective on the difficulty, Give Me God of War makes it so every enemy takes a lot more hits to defeat and deals a lot more damage. On average, players will only be able to sustain about three hits, and at level 1 that threshold lowers fairly quickly. It isn’t long before Faraaz starts encountering enemies with purple health bars, which is the game’s way of saying, “Hey, you are underleveled. Go get some new armor and tries these guys later.” But Faraaz used this as a challenge since the enemies could still be defeated despite their higher level.

Check out the final few sequences of the run, but beware of spoilers:

Faraaz Khan is no stranger to the world of challenge runs, and is perhaps best known for “No Hit Runs” in the Soulsborne series. He was the first to complete Dark Souls 3 without getting hit and was among the first to no hit every boss in the entire game. Since God of War is such a long game, taking about 15 hours to complete on an average playthrough, it’s hard to see him attempting a no hit run, but anything is possible.

Currently, Faraaz is trying to clean up some other goals in the game, including defeating every Valkyrie at level 1. Because of how strong the Valkyries are this task has become its own form of no-hit run, but he still has three left to go as of this writing.

God of War is out now for PS4.

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