Hardcore beer chugger downs 6 beers in 40 seconds with A LEAF BLOWER

Humans are remarkable creatures. From space travel to world-altering works in science and mathematics, to this man in his garage drinking a six-pack in 40 seconds using a leaf blower.

Basically, the force of the leaf blower is operating like a one-person beer bong, allowing him to down the beer without the aid of other people. It’s both impressive and also “why?” inducing.

Blanket disclaimer: Don’t try this at home, because it’s not only irresponsible but kinda gross. Just listen to the burp he lets out at the end to be proof.

You’re probably wondering if downing 72 ounces of beer in 40 seconds is a record, and I’m here to tell you that’s it’s not even close. Beer records are curious things that rely more on anecdotal evidence than hard proof, because ironically the Guinness Book of World Records no longer tracks alcohol-related feats. That said, there is a purported world record that utterly destroys this one.

In 1984 Andre the Giant appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and confirmed a story that he drank 117 beers in a six-hour sitting.

It’s unclear how true this really is, but it has been confirmed by other wrestlers who purported to be there. Andre didn’t completely remember, because he passed out. The number has ballooned with the internet as this story has been passed around, but 117 beers is the number Andre confirmed. Now, remember our leaf blower friend drank 72 ounces in 40 seconds, that’s an impressive 1.8 ounces a second. Well, Andre averaged 0.6 ounces a second, a third of that — for six hours straight, and a total of 11 gallons of beer.

As impressive as the leaf blower is, nobody will beat Andre.

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