How to Get Impact and Apothecary Mantles

In Monster Hunter: World, a hunter is only as good as the equipment they carry. The game is chock full of different items and accessories that help boost a player’s abilities when facing off against or trying to capture deadly foes.

One of the many equipment categories in Monster Hunter: World are mantles, cloaks that players can don during combat to increase certain aspects of their abilities. Here’s how to snag two very interesting and extremely helpful mantles:

The Impact Mantle

The great thing about weapons like the hammer and change blade is that they are capable of knocking the most fearful enemies, like the mighty Anjanath, clear off their feet. Any weapon that deals impact damage can temporarily knock an enemy unconscious if enough damage is dealt. However, if a player is running a weapon that does not deal impact damage, knocking an enemy out is not an option. That’s where the Impact Mantle comes in.

When wearing this mantle, every weapon deals some impact damage, and can therefore knock out enemies. If already wielding an impact weapon, then the mantle boosts the effectiveness of the impact damage, so players don’t have to deal quite as much damage to cause a knock-out.

To get this snazzy mantle, you must complete the Armory quest “Showdown: The Muck and the Maul” which is a nine-star mission. For this, you are tasked with taking down high-level versions of both a Barroth and a Radobaan in the arena. If the quest is not there, make sure to keep doing Armory quests and Investigations to unlock this challenging quest.

The Apothecary Mantle

Much like the Impact Mantle, the Apothecary Mantle carries with it a really great buff to the weapons brought into combat. While the Impact Mantle buffs impact damage, the Apothecary Mantle buffs status effects, such as sleep, poison, or paralysis. Used with a high potency weapon, the mantle can lead to seemingly never-ending status effects for whatever enemy you encounter.

To get this mantle, you must complete the Armory Quest “A Portent of Disaster” which is an eight-star mission. For this you must slay a Kushala Daora in the Ancient Forest. After taking down the beast, return to the Armory and this powerful mantle will be yours. Much like the Impact Mantle quest, you may have to grind out some Armory quests and Investigations first.

With these mantles in tow, any hunter should be able to tackle some of the larger threats that Monster Hunter: World has to offer while trying to grind out the best gear in the game.

Monster Hunter: World is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC release planned for later this year.

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