Kingdom Hearts 3 Confirmed for 2018 Release Again

It has been a long time coming for Kingdom Hearts 3, but the wait for Square Enix’s Disney-themed RPG might not be much longer if a message from the publisher is to be believed. If true it seems very likely that Square is sticking to its plan and releasing Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2018.

Although it is by no means a smoking gun, Square Enix this week mentioned a Tweet by Destructoid that lists some of the publication’s most anticipated games of 2018. Specifically, the publisher calls out Kingdom Hearts 3 and Dragon Quest 11 on the list, which are both upcoming Square Enix properties.

The fact that Square Enix was willing to highlight Kingdom Hearts 3 on the list of most anticipated games for 2018 suggests that the publisher is confident it will release the sequel during the next 12 months. It may not be until the very end of 2018, but it sounds as though Square does plan to stick to its word and finally deliver Kingdom Hearts to fans.

Of course, this by no means is a confirmation that Kingdom Hearts 3 has a release date in 2018, only that Square Enix was not willing to correct Destructoid’s designation of the game as a 2018 title. That alone is enough for most fans to be hopeful that Tetsuya Nomura and Co. will be able to stick to their timeline, but there is always cautious optimism when it comes to Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts 3 release date placeholder update

While there have been several Kingdom Hearts titles released in the last few years, it has been 13 years since the last proper Kingdom Hearts title was released. For a normal series that gap in releases would be considered alarming or frustrating but for Square Enix it is par for the course.

Anticipation for the next proper Kingdom Hearts has built up so much that fans burst into screams and applause when the third game was finally announced at Sony’s E3 press conference a few years back. Now the game is finally ready to come out, or at least we hope it is.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is reportedly set to release in 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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