Make Toledo change its mascot to Shrek

A simple retweet can make this dream a reality.

What’s that you’re thinking? “There’s no way in hell that a major university would change its mascot to Shrek?” Well, my friends, the University of Toledo’s official Twitter account stated that if this gets 500,000 retweets, the university will change its mascot to Shrek — yes, the big green ogre.

Toledo’s current mascot, at least for athletics, is the Rocket. Yes, the Rockets’ logo is pretty cool and flows well with Toledo, but GIVE ME SHREK.

Ohio v Toledo
Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images

1. We need this to happen and we need you, America to ensure that it does.

2. Go retweet this right now.

3. I wasn’t kidding — go retweet it now and come back to this.

4. I’m not really sure if Toledo could legally change its mascot to Shrek, since I’m sure our green buddy is trademarked by Dreamworks, but whatever.


Thank you for your support in this noble cause, and hopefully our dreams of having Shrek run a major university.

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