Metal Gear Solid Movie Will Preserve Kojima’s Vision

Metal Gear Solid Movie  – With its sprawling and convoluted plots, a giant cast of memorable characters, and outlandish visuals that rank up as some of gaming’s finest, it goes without saying that a film adaptation of Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid series would be an epic and difficult undertaking. But if the words of Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid film adaptation are to be believed, the project is not only in good hands but will also stay faithful Kojima’s vision.

In a new interview with EuroGamer, Vogt-Roberts spoke about his approach to the Metal Gear Solid film adaptation, saying that despite Kojima’s departure from Konami, he has become friends with the legendary game director and he intends on servicing the universe created by Kojima and his colleagues.

“I will always be making this movie to interpret and service the world that Kojima made. That’s why all of us care about the words Metal Gear Solid.”

Demonstrating his efforts in preserving Kojima’s vision, Vogt-Roberts revealed that a new writer is about to be hired for the project, saying that Metal Gear Solid is “probably the most complicated property on the planet” and that the film will need a team of people who will be able to surmise the series’ complex web of themes and ideologies into a workable script.


For those worried about the possible cutting or censoring of Metal Gear Solid‘s more mature and risky themes, Vogt-Roberts has reaffirmed that he intends on embracing these elements rather than shy away from them. Thanks to the success of his latest film, Kong: Skull Island, the director revealed that this has afforded him the creative freedom work on a script that will not only honor Kojima’s vision, but will also satisfy fans of the series.

“Committing to the ideologies, the philosophies, the weirdness and the Japanese elements and the fourth-wall breaking and all these great things, that’s what Metal Gear is, and that’s why the franchise has endured so let’s embrace that as opposed to being afraid of it. We’re working to get a script that the studio says ‘yes, we want to make this’, and it’s something that all the fans can say ‘f*** yeah that’s my Metal Gear‘. It’s a tricky thing, there’s a long road ahead but that’s the approach with it.”


As for what game or games the Metal Gear Solid film will adapt, Vogt-Roberts kept his cards close to his chest. However, the director did say the film is “not a direct adaptation of any particular game” and that he is ” trying to fuse a couple of different storylines together” that will be “very Kojima in its approach”. Upon being asked who will be playing Snake in an ideal world, the director lightheartedly brushed off the question by saying that he can’t reveal anything at the moment, other than wanting a cast who is the best for the role.

“I can’t tell you that! I don’t care about it being a movie star, I want a cast who’s best for the role. It also depends on when this thing gets made, and how quickly it gets made. We’ll see…”

Based off his comments, it is clear that Vogt-Roberts is doing everything in his power as a fan and director to ensure that the Metal Gear Solid film will not only preserve Kojima’s vision, but will also be something that fans will enjoy. Given how the film is still in the very early stages of production, it is unlikely we will hear any new updates or announcements in the near future. However, it is clear that fans are already quite excited for the project, so much so that some have already deemed Captain America‘s Chris Evans as the perfect choice for the role of Snake.

The Metal Gear Solid movie is currently in pre-production.

Source: EuroGamer

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