Numbers don’t lie: the party’s over for Samsung

Samsung is the undisputed market leader among smartphone manufacturers. But Apple steals everyone’s show in one thing: the attention for the iPhone is much greater. Now the Galaxy S9 is said to sell worse than the S8, which already fell behind the Galaxy S7. The coming Note 9 should be a saviour, because Samsung stands with his back to the wall.

At the end of the day, smartphones are not about technical innovations, but about hard facts: What are the sales figures? Reuters writes that the numbers of the Galaxy-S series have recently sunk through the bank. The S9 sold worse than the S8, but the S8 had already sold worse than the S7. At Apple, on the other hand, iPhone X is said to sell surprisingly well.

Samsung’s profit figures are suffering from the slump in sales, and that naturally calls the analysts onto the scene. How should Samsung take countermeasures? This quickly brings the Galaxy Note 9 into view. Because this is the next big hit from Samsung and will be officially presented on August 9.

However, anyone who dares to take a look at the current rumors about Note 9 or at the comments in our rumours overview must admit that Note 9 will probably not be the savior that investors hope for. A new S-Pen stylus with Bluetooth is already the highest of expectations. Looking back, one has to admit that the great innovations have not recently been seen at Samsung; on the contrary, standstill has been the order of the day in recent years. What can the S9 do so much better than the S6?

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Samsung Galaxy S6: as good as the Galaxy S9? / © AndroidPIT

Could these uninspiring presentations have perhaps rubbed off on the audience?

Tristan Rayner, blogger for Android Authority, puts his finger in the wound. Using Google Trends, he tried to determine the search volume around the past Galaxy S smartphones.

The colored lines trace the search volume in relation to each other. It is clearly visible that the Galaxy S5 or S6 have aroused a huge interest among Internet users around the time of presentation. Since then, the peaks have been falling further. 

Google Trends: the flagships are sinking

Let’s continue the analysis of Google Trends with an iPhone or the Galaxy Note. And see there: Everywhere the same picture. The peaks of the search volume are always on the presentations, but they are smaller and smaller. Now, of course, you can discuss whether, for example, the Plus versions falsify the picture. But even taking this into account, the big picture remains: smartphone launches are no longer what they used to be.

Granted: Apple is also in a justification crisis: why it is so urgent to have the new iPhone? But Apple’s figures are stable, so analysts aren’t panicking yet. But Samsung fan are hungry for a big coup from from the Korean company and some believe that Galaxy X could be just the trick. But hope is deceptive. It cannot be assumed that Samsung can sell the X in quantities that could contribute to saving the balance sheets.

What do you think the decline of this smartphone titan? What does Samsung need to do to get people excited again?

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Numbers don’t lie: the party’s over for Samsung

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